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Don't Ignore Your Heel Pain

Does one of your heels hurt? Heel pain is a common complaint. Heel pain can be caused by standing for long periods, wearing poorly heel painfitting shoes, or playing sports. Total Foot and Ankle of Tampa Bay, which has offices in Zephyrhills, Sun City Center, Riverview, and Wesley Chapel, FL offers treatments for heel pain. Read on to find out how your podiatrists Dr. Robert Valins, Dr. Maria Walshe and Dr. Domenick Calise can help with your heel pain.

#1- Orthotic Devices- Your doctor may recommend prescription orthotics to treat your heel pain. Orthotic devices are custom-molded, individually designed shoe inserts or foot pads. Research has shown that orthotic devices improve function and reduce foot pain.

#2- Cortisone Shots- If your pain persists, your podiatrist may inject cortisone into the tissue to reduce pain and inflammation. The injections usually comprise a local anesthetic and corticosteroid medication. The cortisone starts working in a few days and its effect can last for several days to a few months. 

#3- Stretching Exercises- Podiatrists prescribe stretching exercises to treat heel pain. Stretching exercises are an effective way to prevent and manage heel pain. Research shows that stretching exercises reduce inflammation, improve function, and ease pain . Stretching exercises are easy to do and should be done on a regular basis. 

#4- Night Splint- Podiatrists use night splints to treat heel pain. A night splint is a brace that attaches to the foot, ankle and lower leg. Night splints hold the feet in a neutral position during sleep. Night splints may help reduce the morning pain experienced by some patients. 

Say no to heel pain. Call Total Foot and Ankle of Tampa Bay at 813-788-3600 today to schedule an appointment in Zephyrhills, FL. Call 813-788-3600 to schedule an appointment in Sun City Center, FL. Call 813-633-5900 to schedule an appointment in Wesley Chapel, FL. Call 813-633-5900 to schedule an appointment in Riverview, FL. Our heel pain treatments will ease your pain and help you get back to a happy and healthy life.

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