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By Total Foot and Ankle of Tampa Bay
July 12, 2018
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There are simple steps you can take to keep your diabetic feet healthy and problem-free.Diabetic Foot Care

Whether you’ve just been diagnosed with diabetes or a loved one has, it’s important that you are doing what you can to keep yourself as healthy as possible. Of course, you’ll have a trusted team of doctors who will be able to provide you with care and preventive measures to ward off any problems. Our Zephyrhills, Sun City Center, Riverview, and Wesley Chapel, FL, podiatrists are here to tell you everyday habits you should adopt to keep your feet healthy.

Prevention is the name of the game when it comes to caring for your feet. If you experience symptoms or changes in your feet at any time, it’s important that you don’t just ignore the problem. If in doubt, give our Zephyrhills, Sun City Center, Riverview, and Wesley Chapel foot doctor a call and we will tell you whether your symptoms warrant a trip to the office for an evaluation. Here are some simple everyday steps you should take to prevent foot problems from happening to you.

Maintain healthy blood sugar levels: This is by far the most important thing you can do. Make sure that the medications you are taking for your diabetes, as well as your lifestyle and habits, are helping control blood sugar levels so they stay within a healthy range.

Examine your feet each day: While it might sound a little annoying to have to perform a self-exam on your feet each and every day it is the only way that you’ll be able to detect even the slightest changes before they become serious problems. Remember that diabetics are prone to foot ulcers and other potentially serious issues if you aren’t careful. Take a few minutes out of each day to inspect all areas of your feet including the soles and between the toes.

Wash your feet daily: Feet can accumulate bacteria just like the rest of our bodies; however, if you are someone who doesn’t exactly wash their feet with soap and water (Maybe just standing in sudsy shower water is all you do to keep your feet clean) you need to start. You don’t have to scrub to really remove bacteria from your feet. Just wash with soap and water and remember to dry your feet thoroughly after getting out of the tub.

Always wear shoes: Even if you are indoors it’s important that your feet have proper support and protection everyday to prevent injuries from occurring. Since many diabetics also have some form of nerve damage and numbness in their feet, they may not realize if they step on something or injure themselves. These injuries, if gone unnoticed, can cause a serious infection. Be sure to wear support and comfortable shoes and socks everyday.

If you have questions about diabetic foot care or if you are experiencing any changes in your feet it’s important that you have a team of podiatric experts in Zephyrhills, Sun City Center, Riverview, and Wesley Chapel, FL, that you can trust. Call Total Foot and Ankle of Tampa Bay today.

By Total Foot and Ankle of Tampa Bay
December 03, 2015
Category: Foot Care
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Diabetic Foot CarePeople with diabetes are prone to foot problems, often developing from a combination of poor circulation and nerve damage. Damage to the nerves in the legs and feet diminishes skin sensation, making it difficult to detect or notice pain or temperature changes. A minor sore or scrape on your foot may get infected simply because you don't know it is there. A decrease in blood flow makes it difficult for these injuries to heal. And when a wound isn't healing, it's at risk for infection. Left untreated, minor foot injuries can result in ulceration and even amputation.

Foot Care for Diabetics

Simple daily foot care can help prevent serious health problems associated with diabetes.

We recommend the following tips for keeping your feet healthy and preventing foot complications:

  • Wash feet daily. Keep feet clean with mild soap and lukewarm water, and dry thoroughly.
  • Moisturize. Moisturize daily to keep dry skin from cracking, and avoid putting lotion between your toes as this may cause infection.
  • Trim your toenails carefully. Cut straight across, avoiding the corners; visit our office for assistance
  • Never treat corns or calluses on your own. Visit your podiatrist for treatment.
  • Protect your feet from hot and cold.
  • Keep the blood flowing in your feet and legs. Elevate your feet when sitting, don't sit cross-legged, and stay active.
  • Inspect your feet every day. Check your feet for cuts, redness, swelling and nail problems. Contact our practice if you notice anything unusual, even the slightest change.
  • Avoid smoking. Smoking restricts blood flow in the feet
  • Wear comfortable, supportive shoes and never walk barefoot
  • Visit our practice for regular exams. Seeing a podiatrist at our office regularly can help prevent diabetic foot problems.

At our practice, we understand that living with diabetes can be challenging. Let's discuss simple ways you can reduce your risk of foot injuries. We'll work with you to create a treatment plan that fits your lifestyle and gets you back on your feet so you can enjoy the things you love. Remember to inspect your feet every day. If you detect an injury, no matter how small, come in for an exam right away.

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