Success Stories

Dear Dr. Valins, Thank you very much for your generous Christmas gift. It is God's blessing that you have come into my life. You knew exactly what to do and when with my infected toes, and they have healed just the way you said they would.. And, you introduced me to Mr. Kyle Duncan and his compression boots, which have been remarkable in relieving my swollen and painful legs. I hope you and your entire family have a healthy and safe holiday season. Your patient, -Brian B 12/22/21

Well here we go again--another good thing about Total Foot and Ankle of Tampa Bay.

I know everyone knows you cannot ever just walk into a doctor's office with a problem. They will say Go to the ER or Urgent Care. Not at Dr. R.J. Valins, DPM. Total Foot and Ankle office.

They fit you in, even when it is not your appointment, with another Doctor of course, when the doctors have time. The doctor was Dr. Maria Walshe, DPM. She made time to see me. The office helped by calling Dr. Calise, who was my doctor on another day, to find out what she was to do with my legs. I was taken care of by her and her assistant Karen and sent home to come in on Tuesday at my regular appointment. I know for a fact all four doctors do excellent work to service their patients. Robert J Valins, DPM, Maria B. Walshe, DPM, Domenick A Calise, DPM, Endri Afesllari, DPM. Also the Practice Administrator Claudia Valins at Total Foot and Ankle of Tampa Bay, one of the BEST offices in Zephyrhills, Florida. --Rich H 11/12/20

NOW, Here it comes to the real story. The second day I was in the hospital room, Dr. Con introduced me to a doctor who said he could fix my leg wound ulcers. I said Well! go ahead, and told him I had been dealing with the leg wounds for about 12 years. He said, "I will fix them"; the Doctor's name is Dr. Calise. As far as I am concerned I think he is one of the BEST Surgeons you have on your staff. Did I say the Doctor's name is Dr. Calise? But that's not what I meant to say. This is The Great Dr. Calise, one of the Finest!!! - Richard H 10/22/20

Dr. Calise, Thank you so much for making my life less painful. I'm so grateful. You're awesome. Thank your assistants. Thank you to all the ladies in the office. Special thanks to Trecia for coming out and talking to me and not having to give me pow pow lol:) Thank you, Dr. Valins, for seeing and helping my mom when she was here. She is doing much better. Thank you again, Dr. Calise, for giving my life back. You're the best. - Valerie M 6/13/19

Wonderful ladies in the front office, always helpful with all things. Dr. Walshe has a wonderful attitude when it comes to speaking and helping with your care. Ms. Trecia and Ms. Sarah are truly a blessing to the company because they are always joyful and pleasant. Upon walking in they greet all with a smile. It really is a joy to walk in to a place and they truly make you feel great. It is a pleasure to come. - Camellia H. 6/10/19

At one of the worst times in my husbands life (foot amputation) you have totally put him and me (his wife) at ease. You haven't promised more than you can deliver and you've kept us informed at every step what your plan is.

We couldn't ask for a better surgeon. You don't beat around the bush which we like, but you also deliver news with a caring touch. We feel like you are treating your family and are doing your very best. Thank you Mr & Mrs P.

Thank you for being so caring regarding your patients well-being and for being so nice to their families when we come to the office. Wishing you and your families a Holiday Season filled with Peace, Love, Joy and Hope. -Charles and Alicia 12/27/18

Dr. Calise, We really want you to know just how much we appreciate all that you have done and are doing for Mike. You are truly one of a kind and a great doctor. You saved Mike's leg and I'm sure his life. You fought for him every time the case managers or other doctors wanted to release Mike before he needed to be released and you always put his care and comfort fist. This has been one long journey and even though its not over we just wanted to say thank you and we hope you have a great holiday. -12/12/18

To meet such a great Doctor and his nurses in the worst time of my life, is a great Blessing. Thank you Dr. Calise for everything. Great care, Awesome Dr. Thank you All, -Charlia C 12/03/18

Dr. Calise, This is just a small token of my appreciation. Your work is very valuable. Your experience is priceless. Thank you for being the cowboy that saved me! I appreciated your strength in a storm.
Wishing you much continued success.
- xoxo Jeanna O' 10/01/18

First may we say your reception desk was wonderful, always positive and smiling. Dr. Valins was great and his assistant also. We will refer anyone to Dr. Valins. Thank you for your service! -Don B 08/28/18

You guys are the Best! -Linda A 08/15/18

My foot pain experience....Wow! The office in general is very clean. The atmosphere is very relaxing (for us nervous people who don't like to see Dr.'s). Also the staff was very helpful and friendly. Ms. Trecia (the lady who was doing check-in) is friendly and welcoming! Ms. Blanca the Medical Assistant is also very friendly and calming (as I said, I am a nervous wreck when it comes to Dr.'s). Blanca is also very knowledgeable and explained everything in full detail!

Dr. Walshe....all I can say is WOW! .... she was so thorough, helpful, gentle [my foot was hurting very bad], and very nice. She also took the time to make sure I was comfortable and understood everything. We came up with a strategy TOGETHER (which is a nice change of pace from most physicians just barking orders at you) to get me through this foot issue.

Ms. Sarah was performing office check-out and booking the next appointments. She is super friendly, always smiling and helpful answering questions that I had. Finally, when I asked if it would be ok that I wrote a review for the office I spoke with Ms. Claudia. The brief interaction that we had was very warming. You can tell she really cares how her staff interacts with us patients.

My entire visit, experience, & plan to get better is amazing. Would I recommend this office to anyone having foot issues?..... YES!!! Thank you so much Total Foot & Ankle Tampa (Zephyrhills location). Your entire office ROCKS! -Edward C 08/03/18

My consultation with Dr. Calise went very well. I told him my concerns with having several months of right foot pain. I had a bunion on my right foot. Just going to the gym and doing my usual treadmill activity would create 3 days of foot pain (and cause limited activity).

Dr. Calise said exactly what I needed to hear. "I'm one of the best at this surgery." During the surgery, a bone spur was found on bunion. Dr. Calise also removed spur. Two and a half months after surgery, I'm ready to resume all regular activities. The right foot looks good again. I'm very please with my outcome. Dr. Calise and his staff were friendly and professional throughout. -Carole R 07/30/18

The Drs are very nice & take time with you. The front office staff as well as the back office staff are great, too. They must be good to work for because it seems that a lot of the staff have been there awhile. There's a nice, positive atmosphere in the office. I have personally referred others here & they were also happy with them. -Mary M

Dr. Calise is the best podiatrist ever!! He's in the process of fixing another Dr.'s mistakes and he is doing an amazing job. I love his sense of humor. The staff can't get any friendlier, I love Bonnie she's the best!! -Stephanie C

Dr. Valins and the entire office staff are outstanding. I have never had a better experience. Everyone goes out of their way to help me with my needs. I appreciate everyone's concern and looking forward to a long relationship. -Harrison O

Everyone was very helpful and courteous. Dr. Valins has very good bedside manners and interested in my foot problems. He knew immediately what my problem was and what to do for it. I am not pain free. --Mary Jo H.

First Podiatrist that assessed both feet and offered help with pain. I would recommend Dr. Robert Valins highly. -Gary G

I, Harold Gochenour, would like to thank all the Doctors and Staff of Total Foot and Ankle, from my heart, for the great job of taking the best care of me. You all know how much I love you all. To Doctor Domenick Calise, for helping me keep my foot, and the great job he did, I will never forget you. Mr. Cracker Jack, doctor and a great surgery and wound care doctor. As a patient, I had trust in Doctor Calise, and the treatment he gave me. And all the staff at this office was the greatest help to me. Thank you all. And I know I was given the best care, so I could get better and return to my normal activities as quickly as possible --Harold G.

Dr. Calise and his staff have been truly excellent in all aspects of their work and support! Dr. Calise's surgical work of my right foot for Charcot has been remarkable. I have no pain and can walk again. I am looking forward to the correction by Dr. Calise of my left foot. -Karen P

I would like to thank Dr. Valins and his Zephyrhills office staff. I walked in (no appointment) on a Thursday with a previously injured, now very crooked toe. It hurt like crazy to walk. I asked, they answered and in 2 hours my toenail was off and I only had post-surgery pain. What a relief. I highly recommend Dr. Valins!!--Joyce F

What is your overall satisfaction with our practice?

Knowledgeable and professional.--Barbara V

Very Good. Loved the Dr. as well!!!!--Scarlet L

10/10-Patrick M.

Every aspect was fantastic from making my first appointment to finding a resolution to my problem.--Linda M.

Excellent in every area.--Alice R

What was your overall satisfaction with our practice? " It was great and the people are very good. I ran doctors' offices for 11 years and if I was still working I would try to hire them away!--Gerry W

Four months ago I started seeing Dr. Calise. I would like to share my thoughts, he is a very nice person and a very caring Doctor. He does an excellent job in taking care of you. I have seen three other foot doctors before seeing him. I was recommend by my hip doctor to come to this Office. I wanted to say thank you for all that you are doing for me to get better and back on my feet.--Rebecca M

No one enjoys being off their feet for 2 1/2--3 months but I had reached the point where I really needed some help. When the shots, etc, didn't help, Dr. Calise said surgery was probably going to be next.

I tell you, folks, I couldn't have received better care. The doctor explained every "step" of the way with me. His staff was just wonderful in helping me all the times I needed help (and there were several!) The hospital staff were great also. My foot is healing nicely and I can run) almost as fast as I used to! I'll be there in another 6 months -- I just know it!

Thank you all, Dr., nurses and technicians, at Total Foot & Ankle of Tampa Bay for all the care and help you have given me.
- Carolyn A.

All girls and nurses were very friendly and professional. Dr. Valins was wonderful (although I miss my toe nail!) and I would highly recommend him. -Joyce G

Dr. Calise and the staff there are great. Couldn't ask for better care. They are not only great medical professionals, but great people as well. I lucked out when the hospital consulted with Dr. Calise to take care of a wound on my foot. And his nurse Bonnie, in the office, is so nice and caring. You can really tell that they all love their jobs and care about their patients. -Jennifer H

Dr. Calise was great. Office help was great. - Joyce H

Dr Walsh is the best thing that ever happened to me as far as my feet! Had been to so many - with ZERO results. They just wanted to sell me expensive inserts . That didn't work and were never going to. She got it and fixed it in minutes. I left crying- happy tear and pain free. Love her and the entire staff. -Kim N

Very satisfied . . . every time I have visited the office I have been very happy with the level of care and the time the doctor spends listening to my concerns.- Ann S

My 11 year old daughter was very apprehensive the first time she had to go for an ingrown toenail. Dr. Kaplan immediately put her at ease and walked her through everything he was doing. What really impressed me is that he asked his questions directly to her; so many times I've seen where the doctor talks to the parent and doesn't even interact with the patient. Everyone in the office from the nurses to the front office are very kind. I would happily refer anybody to this practice :) -Tracy M

My appointments at Dr. Valins were always a short waiting time. Office neat and clean. Personnel, very polite and friendly. Dr. Valins explained the treatment so I understood. I will return to this office, if I need further treatment. - Marcella K

Thank you so very much for the great care Dr. Valins & staff gave to me. I have had such a hard time with my feet. Dr. Valins gave me a cortisone shot and that surely helped my situation. Since my feet are dated (Ha Ha) they feel young again. I wear a special shoe at times & between the toes, the pain is very little to none. Thanks again for your help. - Linda S

I was in sooo much pain I couldn't finish my day at work. Now I can run with the best of them. THANK YOU!! - Loraine L

I was in agony. Couldn't walk on my right foot. I had been to three other podiatrists in the area. Finally found Dr. Walshe. She is brilliant and kind. She immediately got the problem and fixed it. I left her office actually able to walk on that foot pain free. The whole staff was great. - Kim N

Well to say the least, Dr. Walshe has been the best doctor that I have ever had. I am so happy with her treatments and results that I will continue coming to her even though my insurance will not cover it. I will pay cash!

I was scared that when she first saw me in the hospital, that when I woke up I would no longer have a foot! I had to put my trust in her. What else could I do, I was about ready to die. I really do believe she and her expertise not only saved my foot but also along with Dr. Phuong Nguyen at the wound care center saved my life! I can't express the thanks I owe to these two doctors enough!! -Donald M

P.S. I have already recommended them to everybody that I know!

I went to Dr. Valins to get my toe nails cut, he was very patient with me, as I have anxiety attacks do to many operations. We got to talking about and I asked him if he could just remove all 10 toe nails, he said why not, so then he sent me to Dr. Walshe as she does this procedure. Had them done December 23, 2015, she did a great job and Florida Hospital was excellent, had such great care. Thanks to all. -Cathy H

I was referred to a different doctor closer to home, whose bed-side manners were far from OK. Definitely a big difference. I will recommend your practices without a doubt!

Dr. Kaplan was very detailed and explained calmly and clearly the information of my condition. He showed care abd interest in my diagnosis, made my visit one that brought my confidence back in the medical profession. -Maria V

Very professional staff... I couldn't ask for better....Very happy with everything. Dr. Kaplan was very competent and congenial. -Marvin A

Very pleased
I have no complaints. I am very satisfied.Your practice is doing just fine. I can't see a thing to change -Judy D

Everyone is very friendly and nice. I really like coming to this office. -Rodger W

Have been pleased with all members. -James S

Very good! Doesn't need to be improved! -Susan J.

Dr. Calise, Claudia Valins and all the staff at Total Foot and Ankle,

Thank you sooo very much for all your kindness, consideration and professional care. Claudia, you are wonderful! Thanks for your special assistance and for the confidence that you have given me. Dr. Calise, thank you for doing my emergency surgery Christmas Eve. You made me feel at ease. You have a down to earh manner that I truley appreciate. You are an awesome doctor. Welcome to the Tampa Bay area!

I am in my walking shoes and well on my way to full recovery. Yeah!! You guys are the best!!  Thanks a million times!

Walk With Peace...

- Linda B.

Dr. Valins and Staff,

My visits to your office this past year were refreshing. I have never - and I mean this, never been treated so well... anywhere. You have created an atmosphere of caring while maintaining a "lightness" - a good feeling, ...a feeling that these people truly care. In your next careers you should do PR for doctors' offices.

Sincere thanks also for my orthotics - they have made a huge difference in my lifestyle - so much so that I was able to walk around Paris - that ability was in doubt until you "fixed" me.

-Jane H.

I was referred to Dr. Valins by my primary care physician, for a wound on my foot that was not healing.  Prior to my first visit, I "googled" Dr. Valins and was pleasantly surprised to learn that he attended Podiatry School in my hometown of Philadelphia PA..  I feel good about going to see a "hometown" doctor.Needless to say I was not disappointed by the care given by Dr. Valins, and the help of his great staff.  Dr. Valins was able to immediately take the necessary procedure to start my wound to heal.

I wouldn't hesitate to go back to Dr. Valins for any future foot problems, and would strongly recommend him to anyone that is in need of highly professional foot care.

-John F.

During the past year, pain, swelling and burning in both feet have completely immobilized me. The inability to do the simple task of just walking has forced me to visit multiple physicians. With repeat visits. During that time, I had been prescribed many different medicines. Some caused reactions which resulted in additonal problems. Abdominal pain, kidney's aching, generally not feeling well at all. Yet, no relief from my suffering.

I am so thankful to have met Dr. Valins. The first visit changed my life.

He took the time to listen to me and was very understanding as I described the symptoms.

He diagnosed, then provided me relief from my suffering. He also removed the piled of harmful medicines previously prescribed. I am very much indebted to him.

-Michelle F.

I came to see Dr. Valins with a terrible pain in my right ankle. He said I had tendinitis in my ankle and said I needed a shot of cortisone. I had heard this is a painful shot but Dr. Valins did an excellent job and there was only a little prick. After a series of three shots, the pain is gone most of the time. It is wonderful. He also told me I wasn't walking right on my feet and recommended special fitted insoles for my shoes which I ordered. They have helped my legs and feet very much as I walked 3 to 5 miles a day. Thanks Dr. Valins and Staff.

-Ernestine S.

Not only am I very pleased with the shoes, but also Tracy took the time to explain several things about the inserts, etc. She was very accommodating and took the time necessary to provide something one does not easily find these days. The appropriate word is service!

-Rosery P.

I had surgery on a neuroma on my left foot, which had caused cramping each time I wore a snug shoe like a loafer. Now I can wear shoes I hadn't been able to wear for years.

-June H.

Thank you for helping me out with my feet! I appreciate being called in on time and being taken care of in a pleasant and personl manner - I wasn't just another one with hurting feet - I was taken care of pleasently.

But most of all, I was impressed with the way the office staff welcomed and took care of each patient (person) who came through the door. Again and again they all went beyond what they could do easily and aided each patient with patience and solutions. Thank you.


I had a toenail to be removed because it was ingrown many times. Needless to say I was very nervous about having this procedure done. I must say it went really well. No pain and minimal discomfort. Dr. Valins instilled a great deal of confidence in me.

Everyone was so friendly and pleasant. Made you feel at ease. They give everyone such a warm welcome. I am very impressed with Dr. Valins and his staff. I would highly recommend him. I couldn't be more pleased with the outcome. Thank you Dr. Valins and Staff.

-Susan D.

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